Andreessen Horowitz的16个关注领域

Mon, 03 Aug 2015 05:43:25 GMT

  1. Virtual Reality 虚拟现实
  2. Sensorification of the Enterprise 企业传感器化
  3. Machine Learning + Big Data 机器学习+大数据
  4. The Full-Stack Startup 全栈创业公司
  5. Containers 容器
  6. Digital Health 数字健康
  7. Online Marketplaces 电商
  8. Security 安全
  9. Bitcoin (and Blockchain) 比特币
  10. Cloud-Client Computing 云计算
  11. Crowdfunding 众筹
  12. Internet of Things 物联网
  13. Online Video 在线视频
  14. Insurance 保险
  15. DevOps 开发运维
  16. ‘Failure’ 失败

[For other trends we’ve covered already elsewhere, please see our series on mobile eating the world (with lots of charts!), 软件蚕食世界
you bet your SaaS, 你的SaaS
and government x tech. 政府X科技