Look into Future – Nicholas Negroponte

Mon, 17 Nov 2014 18:52:24 GMT

What will be the profound change in 20 years, but not as obvious today?

I can assure you that it has to do with thisspace between biology and silicone. (生物学与计算机/互联网) The things that are part of the natural sciences and the physical sciences, where the two meet, and whether that’s manifest in embedded computers that are embedded in us as human beings, whether it’s using biology to create energy that is attached to a chip that does things, but it’s that intersection of the natural and synthetic world that will certainly be the major change going forward and we will be doing things and wearing things and eating things and you know, synthetic beef will be part of it, and in it will be some of the computing devices that, when they’re in your stomach make sure that everything is okay in your stomach and report back when they’re out of your stomach.

1. Extrapolative Future 明显的趋势


2. Orthogonal Future 没有观察到的未来 —— 最好的vision




3. Metaphorical Future

Desktop, Minecraft, Social Networks, Gaminification

4. Contrarian Future


Genetically modified food转基因食品

Internet of Things物联网(让微波炉变聪明,不是把微波炉控制板搬到手机上)