Role Of An Entrepreneur 以及为什么我想成为企业家

Tue, 04 Nov 2014 15:34:34 GMT

Entrepreneurs seek disequilibrium–a gap between the wants and needs of customers (发现需求是核心,在大学时有这样的敏锐度) and the products and services that are currently available. The entrepreneur then* brings together the factors of production (我擅长结交朋友,喜欢交流、心理学、管理学)* necessary to produce, offer and sell desired products and services. They invest and risk their money (留学投资是一个很好的例子) *— *and other people’s money–to produce a product or service that can be sold at a profit.

More than any other member of our society, entrepreneurs are unique because they’re capable of bringing together the money, raw materials, manufacturing facilities, skilled labor and land or buildings required to produce a product or service. And they’re capable of arranging the marketing, sales and distribution of that product or service.

Entrepreneurs are optimistic and future oriented (我是理想主义和活在未来的典型); they believe that success is possible and are willing to risk their resources in the pursuit of profit. They’re fast moving, willing to try many different strategies to achieve their goals of profits. And they’re flexible, willing to change quickly when they get new information.

Entrepreneurs are skilled at selling against the competition by creating perceptions of difference and uniqueness in their products and services. They continually seek out customer needs that the competition is not satisfying and find ways to offer their products and services in such a way that what they’re offering is more attractive than anything else available.