Marc Andreessen’s talk at Standford

Fri, 14 Mar 2014 00:03:42 GMT

Marc Andreessen: “The big ones are clearly, health care, education and financial services, the next three gigantic sectors that software is going to have a revolutionary impact on.” (similar said by John Doerr)


No biotech or healthcare, because it’s a different category, you need FDA approval for biotech companies and products. We have actually got much more involve lately in the intersection of healthcare and IT, and there’s all kinds of interesting things happening. There are things happening in the medical side, and very interesting things happening around big data applied to genomics, and there’s another whole set of things happening around healthcare information, you know making healthcare markets work better or direct consumers to doctors online all these are incredible, kinda new services, I think healthcare is going to be really interesting, and we are diving in much more aggressively there.


Education you know is a big one that I talked about a lot publicly, but I think education is right for transformation. Actually, XXX has been doing a really amazing job on that worth reading, he is very passionate about that.

Financial Services

Financial services I mean we think it’s golden time for financial services, we need to break through in software technology to be able to go after financial services. The biggest problem of the start-ups of financial services is that it’s regulated to death, and it has gotten worse. We call the XXX the big bank protection act for 2012, it’s the largest wall in the world that the startups has to climbed over to really compete from scratch. But Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies give us the technology change we need to go after financial services, so we are now looking at a very board cross-section of new kinds of whereas it new kind of landing, insurance, derivatives, small business financing, new kinds of fund raising, cloud-funding, cloud-sourcing. We think now there’s enough technology change happening, and both consumers and businesses are kinda desperate for alternatives, there’s very interesting financial services companies to get built.

it’s an amazing opening that billions of people WILL get access to modern education, modern information, modern communication, modern politics, access to markets, most part of the world is in the process of getting access to this things. the biggest things in our time is just this tremendous flouring of the entire developing world.

we think the world where everybody can have a smartphone is going to be a very different world. because of very fundamental things for example, kids get education, families get health care information and farmers get market information, and huge political change too because people can see what they are missing and they can organize.

and what you need as a entrepreneur to build real innovative companies is, courageand genius.