A Glance of Manufacturing by Divisions

Sat, 03 Aug 2013 23:52:36 GMT

High-technology manufacturing[2]
Division 21 Pharmaceuticals
Division 26 Computers, electronic & optical products
Group 30.3 Air spacecraft
Medium-high-technology manufacturing
Division 20 Chemicals
Group 25.4 Weapons & ammunition
Division 27 Electrical equipment
Division 28 Machinery
Division 29 Motor vehicles
Division 30X30.130.3 Transport equipment excluding ships, boats, excluding air & spacecraft
Group 32.5 Medical & dental instruments
Medium-low-technology manufacturing
Group 18.2 Reproduction recorded media
Division 19 Coke and petroleum products
Division 22 Rubber and plastic products
Division 23 Other non-metallic mineral products
Division 24 Basic metals
Division 25
X25.4 Fabricated metal products excluding machinery
Group 30.1 Ships and boats
Division 33 Repair & installation machinery
Low-technology manufacturing
Division 10 Food
Division 11 Beverages
Division 12 Tobacco
Division 13 Textiles
Division 14 Clothing
Division 15 Leather products
Division 16 Wood products
Division 17 Paper products
Division 18.1 Printing
Division 31 Furniture
Division 32
X_32.5 Other manufacturing excluding medical and dental instruments

For labour input the technological levels can only be defined at 2-digit level in STS. This means e.g. that NACE Group 30.3 (air spacecraft) is not defined as part of high-technology manufacturing but as a part of NACE division 30 it is subsumed under medium-high-technology manufacturing.