Seminar Notes – “Career Intelligence” by Dr. Chris McLaughlin

Fri, 07 Sep 2012 19:45:09 GMT

The Most Important:

  • Surround yourself with professionals and colleagues, by Informational Interview.


  • Put too much energy on sending resumes online, instead of socializing with real people.




  • by Tieger & Barron
  • by Barbara Moses

Email Socializing:

  • *Send an article you find interesting *

Example: Thank you … I was so intrigued by … Happen to read some articles … you may find it interesting … there is the link …

  • Release new product – send congrats.

Informational Interview:

  • Never to be used to sell yourself in order to get a job
  • Usually by telephone, sometimes people prefer face-to-face
  • Can you link me to somebody else
  • Email request – The KEY is to be* brief.*
  • Hello. Who I am. What I want. Can I have a conversation with you?


  • First impression 20~30 sec matters most.
  • “Make interviewer like to have you around.”


  • Give resume to friends
  • Copy and Paste job description to resume, word for word.

  • What your references would say about you?

  • What specific words or examples would they use in their description?
  • What are your “valued-added” elements?
  •  Limit bullets to the most relevant marketable aspects of your experience; provide evidence
  • Mention activity involved (data entry)
  • Focus on *transferable *skill attention to detail)
  • Demonstrate skills characteristics that can be transferred from one kind of work (bank clerk) to another (research assistant)
  • Be uncluttered, logically organized, and consistent